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The opportunity to increase your income potential with K4 Financial Services is amazing. The training is available whether you want to start slow or race out of the gate! Whether its through mentorship or local meetings to interact with  like-minded people at national events, we are with you every step of the way. We have a multitude of conference calls and informative email messages to keep you in the know of the latest happenings and news.  


K4 Financial Services is partnered with over three-dozen or so top companies that offer investments, mortgage protection, final expense and term life insurance, and tax-free retirement through Indexed Universal Life--products that are in high demand, providing our clients with the best quality coverage available. 


We at K4 Financial Services believe we have the absolute  best leads in the business, generated in house, putting qualified, interested clients in your hands quickly. K4 Financial Services has its own program for distribution and allocation of leads. Leads can be purchased individually or on a weekly standing order.

Since we have total control over our leads process we are able to make adjustments as needed to meet supply and demand, as well as the quality of the lead. In addition, our Corporate Lead Team is one of our agents' most valuable resources. They are dedicated to our agent force by offering innovative tools, training and support. With their help you can customize your lead needs and budget.


At K4 Financial Services, you'll find opportunity for part-time sales, full-time sales, and various levels of agency management. The amount of income you can earn is up to you. You could work part-time and earn an extra $500 for each policy you place, or go full-time building an agency earning a six figure income. Review our income projections and manager bonus structure to get a better idea of your own potential.

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